Make the best of your Property!

The success of the effort to make an income out of our house, depends on two main factors: The knowledge of the platforms and the time we spend in managing our reservations.  If one is really dedicated to it, his property can turn into a profitable small business. If not, it will take some random reservations.

Happy Small Hotels consists of an experienced team in the fields of hospitality marketing, IT and hotel management. With deep knowledge of the online reservations platforms,  combining new technology with long experience in tourism, it brings amazing results. 

So each apartment, cottage or villa we manage, enjoys not only excellent presence and management, but also an extended promotion in Greece and abroad, through our huge customer data base.


If you don't have the time to be constantly online, trust a small team that works hard and knows well. You just enjoy the results! 

What we offer 

Irresistible Listing  

We often receive congratulations messages on our listings and descriptions from the guests who look for the ideal house to stay. Each reservation platform has its own small secrets and options that have to be correctly set. Furthermore, the texts, the accurate descriptions, the perfect photos and our touch, makes your listing perfect. 

This is the first but not the only step to high occupancy!

Perfect Communication  

Receiving a reservation is just a part of a successful hospitality.

The guest needs communication, friendly guidance and advice before and during his stay.. We are always there for him, for whatever he needs. He feels safe and happy as if he is visiting friends. Our services combined with your presence during the check in and check out and the excellent condition of the house, lead to the coveted great reviews after his departure. These reviews will bring you more and more guests.

Immediate Reaction 

The response rate is so important that it affects both the decision of the traveler and your listing's ranking. Our team is always online, replying within the first hour to every request or guest's need. In this way we increase the chances for even more reservations and happier guests!

Successful Reputation Management 

All these so important reviews, must be always  answered. Especially the negative ones (if any). Reputation management influences the 83% of the travelers decision on a property. After years in hotel management and online reservations handling, we know exactly how to reply to a review, in order to always influence possitively your future guests. 

International Promotion of each Property 

By using targeted email marketing and via our website which is also higly promoted we present each property we manage to thousands or individual travelers, companies, organisations and tou operators around the world. 

Our data base is huge and we make the most of it, in order to increase the chances of each house to have a longer season and more reservations. Remember that Ours, is a win win cooperation!

Our Properties
We are honored to be trusted with more and more properties every day